10 Low-Cost Ways to make your Wedding Unique

If you’ve been to more than one wedding, there’s not often a surprise or unique experience in the ceremony or the reception. You want your wedding to stand out in people’s minds, but don’t want to spend an obscene amount of money on a unique wedding. There are ways to surprise guests that is affordable and fun.

1. Interactive Guest Books
Instead of the traditional guest book that is shoved onto a shelf somewhere, think of an item that can be used over and over like a dictionary. Provide markers, stickers and paper while asking guests to circle a word that reminds them of the happy couple. You can keep this on your shelf and whenever you need to look up a word, you’ll have a new surprise in store.

2. Dress the Chairs
The guests of honor can have personalized signs on the backs of their chair. You can create these custom signs yourself, and make it personal by fitting it in with your theme.

3. Centerpieces and Numbered Tables
The centerpieces can be the numbers of the tables to help guests find their seats while also being fun. Each table could be named for a street or city that’s important to the newlyweds with a fun fact about why it means so much to you.

4. Tell a Fun Fact
Scattered throughout the reception, you can have fun facts printed about you and your new spouse. These facts can be about the first time you met, or something awkward that happened while you were dating.

5. Detachable Dress
Many brides will purchase two gowns for the wedding. It’s more affordable for her to remove the ruffle from the bottom of the dress than to buy two dressed. People will be stunned to see you in a shorter version of your beautiful wedding dress.

6. Signs for the Ring Bearer or Flower Girl
When you have a cute member of the family dropping flowers or holding the rings, have them wearing adorable signs that announce the bride is on her way down the aisle.

7. Unexpected Choreographed Dance
You don’t have to be a good dancer to have a choreographed dance. The element of surprise will have guests laughing and clapping. Just the fact that the bride and groom’s family is participating is enough to bring smiles and joy to the occasion.

8. Pick a Time That Has Meaning
If you met at 2:39 p. m. on a Sunday, consider having your ceremony on a Sunday at that time. It’ll be a nice story to share with guests in your program as well.

9. Have Special Vows
The vows don’t have to be overly romantic, but they can speak to your relationship. You might promise to watch football with him once a month. He could promise to love and cherish while taking out the trash. Make them fun vows if it fits your personality.

10. String Photographs
A great way to decorate for the reception is to take old photographs of you along with some of your guests and string them across one wall. Twine or rope and clothespins are all you need to create this wonderful decoration that guests will love.


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