3 Terrible Traits for a Sales Rep and How To Improve Them

There are a number of bad habits and personality traits that can cause any number of issues within the sales industry. Understanding the traits and qualities shared by the most effective and successful salespeople can allow professionals and business owners to increase revenue and more easily capitalize on any opportunities the future might hold. Being able to identify and address the three most severe negative traits a sales rep can have could make a far greater difference than you might have imagined.

One: Low Self Regard or Poor Self Image

A lack of confidence and poor self esteem can be critical flaws within the sales industry. Sales professionals who have low self regard often have trouble with criticism and objections. Every professional will make mistakes from time to time and being able to accept constructive criticism can be essential for improving future performance. Sales reps who suffer from a poor self image often lack the confidence needed to drum up new leads, positively influence their customers or even close the deal. In order to be effective, a sales rep needs to be confident and hold themselves in high regard.

Two: Close Mindedness

A rigid outlook or having no imagination are other traits that may cause problems. A lack of imagination and an inability to understand the position and outlook of others can be disastrous limitations for even the most talented of sales reps. An open mind and the ability to incorporate new ideas and perspectives into an existing agenda can open many doors. While a certain degree of tenacity and doggedness are often helpful, sales professionals who are too set in their ways or rigid in their outlook are rarely successful. Open mindedness and flexibility are essential when it comes to influencing customers and making a successful sale.

Three: Lack of Motivation

Sales is a competitive industry, and professionals who lack motivation may be little more than a liability. Sales reps who rarely challenge themselves and professionals who are only interested in coasting by often lack the edge needed to achieve success. Rising to a challenge and constantly seeking ways to improve skills or further accomplishments are qualities that are commonly found among successful sales reps. While an accomplished manager may be able to inspire motivation in others, sales reps who lack internal drive and determination are rarely successful.

Personality Traits, Talent and Aptitude

Almost anyone can be taught the skills needed to become a successful sales professional, but only those who possess the right mix of talent, skills and personality traits may be able to excel within the industry. Professionals who are seeking to advance their career would be wise to take stock of their attitudes and beliefs in order to target any areas that may require improvement. Employers seeking to hire and staff the best sales department possible can also benefit by possessing greater insight into the traits and qualities that will make the biggest difference.

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