4 Items to Include in a Military Shadow Box

A military shadow box is a framed or enclosed box, and the front of the box is made of glass. The purpose of the box is to allow light to shine through a single angle, which prevents the items in the box from sustaining light damage.

Military shadow boxes are frequently given to military officials as retirement gifts. You can find shadow boxes in several different colors and sizes. Since the boxes are used to preserve important objects and memories, they should be filled with items that represent a military official’s professional accomplishments.

For example, the box might be filled with important keepsakes and mementos from a loved one’s time in the military. Below, you’ll find four items that every military shadow box should contain.

Military Awards

After serving in the military for an extended period of time, you’re likely to be awarded various medals. Some individuals are even given the coveted purpose heart. Most shadow boxes have a vertical row, which is used to store important medals.

If you’ve lost your medals, you can contact the government and request replacements. All military awards, purpose hearts and medals have a place inside a military shadow box.

American Flag

Another item that should be in every shadow box is the American flag. It doesn’t matter who the box is for; there should always be an American flag added to the box.

The flag represents a person’s service to their country, and it should have a special meaning for anyone who has served in the Navy, Marines, Army or Air Force. If the box isn’t big enough for a full-sized flag, then a smaller version of the flag will work just as well.

Military Photos

Everyone who has served in the military should have a collection of important photos. The purpose of the photos is to remind you of the good times and how you came together with other service members.

If you served in the military, then you should have a photo of yourself, and it’s also a great idea to have photos of other service members. For example, a shadow box might contain several photos your platoon. A lot of people like to add photos that were taken before and after basic training.

Military Decoration

When serving in the military, a person is given several decorations, which have many different meanings. The patches and pins on a person’s uniform are there to signify his or her professional accomplishments.

Another important use for pins is to show rank, so it’s easy to see how long the person has been serving in the military. If you’re trying to obtain items for a military shadow box and want to give the box to a loved one, you should consider placing these four important items in the box.

If there is room, you can also add a uniform, badge, ribbons and insignia to the box. A shadow box that has all of these important items is almost guaranteed to make that special person very happy.

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