4 Unique Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Weight loss tends to be on nearly everyone’s mind right around the beginning of each new year. Not only are all those holiday treats beginning to feel a bit, well, heavy around your middle, but with everyone else setting New Years resolutions around health and fitness, it is a common conversational topic. But perhaps you are feeling discouraged this year, because you’ve tried all the usual tactics to reach your weight loss goal and none of them are working.

In this post, you will learn about four unique ways to achieve your goal that may just work where everything else has failed!

#1: Meditate.
You may be reading this and thinking, “Meditate? Shouldn’t I be working out instead?” The truth is, anything you do and focus on is a form of meditation. But today, wellness researchers know that the mind can do as much to help you achieve your goals as the body – perhaps more.

Meditation is a particularly effective tool for focusing your mind so it can assist you in achieving your weight loss goal. Whether you choose a simple breathing technique, a guided meditation CD or simple visualizations of you at your new slim and trim shape, meditation will help you stay calm and focused all day.

NOTE: As a side bonus, when you are calmer, you will be less inclined to stress-eat!

#2: Remember that achieving your goal weight is something you WANT to do.
In today’s culture, you are bombarded by conflicting messages. One message will tell you that life is only worth living if you are slim and trim. Another message will tell you that life is short and you should enjoy everything about it (including the tasty advertised dessert).

So you have to remember what YOUR goals are and that you have chosen to want to lose this weight. Remembering this will also help you stay excited, anticipating how great it will feel when you go another day keeping to the discipline you chose and how really amazing it will feel when it all pays off and the extra weight is gone.

#3: Seek balance in nutrition.
Many cravings that cause you to stray away from your weight loss plan come from stress, media messages or peer pressure. But some cravings come from pure nutritional imbalance.

So if you can gain a better idea of how to combine food so that you will experience fewer nutritionally-based cravings, you won’t struggle as much to feel satisfied.

#4: Drink more water.
This help is so simple and so free, it can be hard to believe it even matters. But it matters perhaps more than any other strategy. Just as people tend to binge eat more when they are tired, so too do you tend to overeat when you are thirsty. This is because your body mistakes thirst for hunger.

You can start using these four unique helps today to get back on track and make progress towards achieving your goal weight.


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