5 Advantages of an Automated Filing System

Automated filing is one solution to insufficient office space that every business that still uses traditional filing system should consider. A publication done by the National Center for Education and Statistics indicates that electronic filing systems have lots of advantages as compared to manual systems. Here are five great advantages to using one such automated filling system

Saving on costs

Although paperwork may initially seem like a cheaper plan, they are a very costly policy in the long run. There are quite some costs associated with the handling of paperwork and record keeping. They include not only paper, ink, file and other storage-related costs but also processing and sorting costs related to the whole manual process. When an automated system is implemented such that it takes advantage of all the computer’s capabilities, paper processing is handled within so much less time by a single person than would have been achieved by a number of people, therefore saving on labor costs. After the complete paper-based data is migrated to the automated system and a back-up is created, there is no longer a need for the old paper files. They can be disposed of which also saves on storage costs.

Retrieving and transferring required information

While the old method would require a burdensome search for a certain set of files, the automated system gets the specified information within an instant. A good automated system has inbuilt queries that can be used to group and request for a certain set of data based on a characteristic of similarity. Each file is also accessible and retrievable by making a simple search of its name or whatever its identifier.
When reports are needed from the stored data, an automated system can easily generate them. When certain information is required for transfer to a different location, the process is as simple as searching for the data and sending them by mail, just by the click of a button. This is significantly less tedious when compared to transfer of manual files.

Smart and flexible office outlook

The modern look and feel of an automated filing system is a breath of fresh air for everyone in the office. It is professional and allows for easier movement of people and items within. Employees, partners and clients will be proud to be associated with such an environment. In an article for Forbes magazine, author Kate Harrison states that a paperless office goes a long way in sending a PR message to potential customers and clients.

Better productivity and morale for workers

An efficient filing system makes work easier for employees, creates a favorable environment for work and ultimately improves the work output per each worker.


The quality of data is bound to improve in an automated system since standard data features and formats will be employed to store, manage and retrieve all data. Record keeping is also made easier and tracing of all operations is possible. There is also an improved ability to analyze the security and integrity of data of an automated system, which enhances the reliability of such data. This improves confidence in the usability of the information in decision making by all stakeholders.

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