5 Aviation Paint Hangers Designs to Consider

Painting airplanes, because of their size and the importance exterior painting plays in the flight performance, requires a tightly controlled environment. Unlike automobile paint shops, where one worker with a hand-held spray gun can paint a car within the confines of a tarped room, aviation paint hangers require precise environmental control over temperature and humidity in order to cure properly. Paint contamination control is also a vital factor in the aviation finishing process.

Several basic styles of aviation paint hangers are in use today.

Downdraft air flow paint hangers– This type of paint hanger is usually considered as the best airflow style. Downdraft paint booths have the advantage of letting gravity act on the overspray to direct the excess paint to floor pit. Downdraft booths can be designed for specific plane sizes to optimize the overall efficiency.

Crossdraft air flow paint hangers – Because of the initial lower cost, the cross draft hanger makes up nearly 75 per cent of all paint hangers in use. Air flows from one end of the booth to the other in the small manner air flows across the pane’s skin in flight. For this reason, the booth provides excellent finishes.

Semi-Downdraft paint hangers- Semi-downdraft spray booths combine the two basic airflows of cross-draft and down draft. This design uses both of the principle of a downdraft along with a crossdraft design. This combined system achieves a high-quality paint finish needed for aviation finishers.

Unlike the downdraft system, a semi-downdraft spray booth has a slight downdraft airflow that does not require a floor pit. These booths can be designed for all size and type of aircraft. This design uses a semi-downdraft spray booth and a diffusion filter media to ensure clean and uniform airflow in the booth and help keep the paint booth environmentally free from dust and contamination.

Conformal paint hanger design– This configuration introduces air at a high velocity in the spraying zone of the booth only. The non-spraying areas receive less air flow. This technique give an excellent paint finish while minimizing the amount of air and energy needed in the process. The economic benefit of this system can result in a savings of 15-30% in operating costs over traditional booth designs.

Advanced technology hangers – Software to control the computational fluid flow dynamics (CFD) can simulate booth airflow performance. This advanced technology is most beneficial for painting large, custom-built airplanes. It enables engineers to test engineering designs before the equipment is actually built. This savings in time and money helps to improve the overall product performance.

The most efficient of these hangers incorporates narrowly controlled range of temperature and humidity levels. Computer-run controls in this advanced type of paint hanger provide the exact temperatures and humidity levels inside the paint hanger required for each particular aircraft.

Engineers and architects involved in designing new aviation production facilities need to analyze the various types of modern, technically advanced paint hangers available today. In many instances, a high installation cost will probably be offset by future savings and efficiency

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