5 Clever Uses of Exit Camera Systems

Today, exit camera systems enable greater efficiency and improved safety in a wide array of settings. From manufacturers to medical care providers, this application of digital technology has begun to impact numerous daily transactions. Just consider five clever uses for exit camera systems:

One: Nursing Homes

Residential care facilities which care for elderly patients sometimes employ exit camera systems on locked Alzheimer’s wards. Patients residing in these locations frequently tend to wander and they suffer a high risk of sustaining injury or becoming lost. In order to maintain better control over access to and from treatment facilities, a hospital manager may decide to install an exit camera system. For instance, if a patient with Alzheimer’s does leave the ward, an exit camera could help alert a nursing station to this situation and allow the staff to locate the patient as rapidly as possible. These cameras also help ensure patients don’t suffer from worker neglect.

Two: Manufacturing Assembly Lines

Today, exit camera have become an integral part of some assembly lines. For instance, some advertising and direct mail processing companies utilize them to record items of mail sent into mass distribution. These digital devices help control the steady flow of items through industrial systems.

Three: Transportation Systems

Exit cameras also play a potentially useful role in many school transportation fleets. For instance, in the past, crisis situations have occurred when bus drivers overlooked the presence of young school children on a school bus following the completion of a trip. Some children may not leave a bus when it stops at their exit. If a busy bus drive fails to notice this situation, and returns the bus to the warehouse, a youngster might spend time trapped inside the vehicle. Exit camera systems placed in school buses help to prevent this tragic situation from arising.

Four: Jails And Detention Facilities

For many years, exit camera systems have functioned as essential items of access control in jails and detention facilities. Most of these institutions as a matter of public safety need to maintain close surveillance over exterior public entrances and grounds. Typically, numerous people enter and leave jails and detention facilities on a daily basis. An exit camera system allows the Control Room Operations staff to monitor the presence of anyone accessing an exterior public door or other entrance way to the facility. This process helps enhance security and promote safety.

Five: Day Care Centers And Preschools

Today, an increasing number of day care centers and preschools utilize digital exit camera systems to help keep track of very young children. Tragedies may occur if toddlers leave the premises without supervision. An exit camera system alerts staff members if a youngster slips through an exterior door. Safety-conscious facilities usually install camera systems to reduce the chance of accidents and child abductions.

Useful Exit Camera Systems

Exit camera systems appear likely to remain in vogue for the foreseeable future. A growing number of industries have begun appreciating the utility of this emerging technology.

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