5 Fashion Trends to Expect in 2016

When it comes to fashion trends, we rely on the runways and the amazing designs each model carries off with confidence and style. Although not every article or accessory of clothing is wearable for street wear, there are key trends that set the tone for the year. The shoes alone, spell out the vibe that’s been running through each show: comfortable and practical.

Here are 5 Fashion Trends to Expect in 2016:

1. Low, Chunky Heels
Sky-high heels will never disappear; that’s a given, but the fashion forecast for footwear at the moment is more sensible and almost grandma-like. Get ready to slip into less than 3-inch, block heels. The proof is on the cat walk, where models strutted around in 2 1/2-inch heels or lower. As the HuffingtonPost aptly put it, “These stylish shoes were made for walking.”

Designers like Chanel, Philip Lim, Dolce & Gabbana and Creatures of the Wind all featured the non-stiletto heel.

2. Relaxed Robes
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was ahead of the fashion curve when she caught attention wearing a silky, navy loose robe and matching trousers back in January 2015, as she walked into the W magazine luncheon.

Kim was right on the money, because the relaxed robe has become the new nighttime option to put on in public. There is nothing flannel about these soft, silky robes. They flow over any ensemble and look chic with a modern edge. According to NYMag.com, LaGarconne’s robe coat sets the right idea. All you need to add is a tee-shirt and loose, relaxed pants.

3. Low-Rise, Wide Leg Pants
The flare is back in a major way, hitting up denim, too. Iconic model Cindy Crawford has been photographed in and out of airports and on the street riding the trend in denim boot-cut flares. That relaxed 70s vibe is alive and well.

TopShop has already sold out its handsome, belted khaki, wide-length pants. Everyone is in on the comfort factor. Maybe that is why the low-rise, slouchy pants trend is on fire.

4. Statement Earrings
You don’t have to utter a word when you’re wearing these; statement earrings have morphed into elaborate designs. This is the go-to jewelry that will keep you in style for the year. Graphic, structured, tasseled or colorful, earrings that are bold and graze the shoulder are hot at the moment.

Gucci, Pucci, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang have made this ear candy quite “lobe-worthy.”

5. Ruffled Tops + Dresses
They’re back. We’re talking about the feminine, elegant ruffle for tops and dresses; this time around, the look is airy and polished. Designer Jason Wu is loving the frill and flounce in his fab frock for spring.

As long as you don’t over-dose on head-to-toe ruffles, this is a soft, relaxing chic look.

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