7 Spring Time Pests to Watch out For

As spring arrives, you can bet that an entire army of household pests are arriving with it. Some pests are worse than others, and a select few can actually cause serious harm to your family or home.

If you know what pests to watch out for, you can start taking steps to protect your household and keep unwanted critters out. It’s much easier to prevent an infestation when you actually know what you’re up against.


There aren’t too many pests that are as annoying as ants. Unfortunately, ants love the spring climate, and they use this time to build homes and reproduce. They also like to search for comfortable shelter and usable food.

The problem is that ants can enter your home through the tiniest cracks, and it’s almost impossible to seal every entry point. The worst part about ants is that they leave a scent trail while foraging through your home. The scent trail is what attracts other ants.

If a single ant finds even the smallest piece of food on your carpet, it’s only a matter of time before the ground around the food starts to come alive as hundreds of ants work to break apart and steal the food. To avoid a world of trouble with these tiny pests, make sure to seal all of your food containers.


In many cases, flies can be just as annoying as ants, and since they have wings, they can literally get in your face. Some of the first insects to find their way out of winter hibernation are flies.

When female flies wake up, they start laying eggs in the soil that surrounds your home. The best way to protect yourself from problems with flies is sealing up your home’s entry points.

Box Elder Bugs

These bugs awaken from their slumber when the sun shines for 12 hours per day. It’s very common for these bugs to set up camp right next to your home. When the time is right, armies of box elder bugs will emerge and begin damaging trees. They can also produce a very foul odor when squished.


If there is one bug that is notorious for making women scream, it’s the cockroach. Most cockroaches hibernate during winter and wake up when spring arrives.

Unfortunately, cockroaches instinctively find dark, damp places to escape the warmth of the sun. They frequently end up inside dark cupboards and piles of clutter. If you want to avoid problems with one of Earth’s oldest pests, eliminate clutter and damp areas in your home.

Slugs and Snails

Your outdoor garden can attract a number of spring pests. Slugs and snails are some of the top pests that will invade your garden, and they like to feed on green plants. You can prevent problems with these pests by enticing their predators to visit your garden frequently.


Another common spring pest is the spider, and you’ll start to notice them even more when summer arrives. Many types of spiders come out of hibernation during spring, and Canada has a particularly large problem with too many spiders. Some common varieties that come out in spring are black widow, fishing, cellar and wolf spiders.


Another pesky insect that loves spring is the springtail. It’s a small wingless insect, and it’s able to catapult itself into the air using a special structure built into the bottom of its abdomen.

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