Business Card Ideas to Utilize this Year

Generally, business owners are on the lookout for new ideas that will help take their companies to a new level of success. If this is your current objective, you should know that optimizing your business cards can help you secure new business, expand your customer base, and enhance your bottom line. With that idea in mind, consider using some or all of the following business card ideas to keep your company in a state of constant growth:

1. Send The Business Card Electronically.

Technology is a tool that the savvy business owner will continually appropriate to advance her or his company’s interests. One great way to use technology for your benefit is by sending your business card electronically. As noted in Huffington Post, business cards can be “beamed” to a Palm user. Also note that you can send a business card via e-mail and have it posted on your website.

2. Think Inside The Box.

Sometimes business owners are so interested in being creative and original that they forget sometimes being conventional wins out over the “cutting edge” approach. This is the case with respect to things like business card size. As noted in Forbes, it’s important to make sure that your business cards aren’t a weird size that won’t fit in objects like a wallet or Rolodex.

3. Keep It Simple.

You don’t have to use a ton of words or images to give your business card an artistic flair or edgy appeal. Remember that business cards are primarily mediums that people refer to for your contact information. If they want detailed data regarding your business, they can look that up through your website. For this reason, keep the business card itself as simple as possible, including things like

-Your name
-Company name
-Phone number
-Website address

Also be sure that the card isn’t cluttered with too many images or a dark background. Ideally, the reader should be able to take a quick glance at the card to extract your contact information.

4. Include A Picture.

People who leave a networking function may pick up 10-20 business cards. To increase the likelihood that they’ll remember you, include a picture. This enables them to put a face with your name.

5. Give To Get.

Remember that the purpose of generating a business card is typically to generate business. This means it’s a good idea to give yours out for the purpose of getting someone else’s. This strategy helps ensure that you’re constantly attaining leads who may eventually evolve into life-long, loyal clients.

6. Get A Second Opinion.

In some cases, people come up with a creative business card idea and move full speed ahead with the printing process. However, make sure that you attain a second opinion before you print anything. This will help you attain the additional perspective necessary to determine whether your idea is truly brilliant or something less desirable (like boring).

If you’re serious about taking your business to a new level of efficacy and excellence, it’s time to start making your business cards the most innovative thing under the sun. There are several strategies you can utilize to realize this objective, including some or all of the techniques outlined above.

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