How to Decide Between a One and Two Story Home Design

Today, home buyers and their real estate sales agents frequently try to narrow down potential floorplans that might interest them before actively searching for properties. Some architectural designs work much better for a household than others. Just consider the advantages and disadvantages of single story versus two story homes:

Mobility Issues

Frequently, single story homes offer mobility advantages. For instance, an elderly couple may hesitate to choose a multi-level residence because of the issue of access to upper floors. Every year, thousands of people slip and fall while attempting to ascend or descend stairs. Seniors sometimes prefer a ranch without staircases for this reason. Although people can fall in any home, falls involving stairs tend to produce a statistically higher number of serious injuries. Parents with infants and toddlers, and individuals suffering from health conditions that impair balance or make climbing difficult, may also harbor reservations about relocating to a home with steep staircases due to concerns about this issue.

Fortunately, today some excellent stair lift technologies exist to assist people in traveling safely up and down stairs in a comfortable seated position. Although these systems usually cost at least $2,000, installing a stair lift may allow a multi-level home to accommodate people concerned about stair safety.

Noise, Lights And Environmental Issues

Some households prefer two story homes because rooms at higher levels sometimes offer panoramic views. Additionally, since they remain above street level, upper story bedrooms often, but not always, provide a quieter sleeping location. Nevertheless, keep in mind that some exceedingly comfortable living environments today involve single story architectural designs.

Other factors that may enter into the selection of a preferred design include the suitability of the residence in withstanding environmental conditions. In low lying areas subject to periodic flooding, an upper story may prove advantageous. On the other hand, multi-story homes sometimes impose a heavier burden upon residents to ensure safe exit strategies from upper floors if conditions require a household to evacuate quickly.

Choosing The Best Floor Plan

Selecting between a one and two story home design requires some careful planning. Prospective home buyers sometimes address this issue by drawing up a list of all of the features they prefer in a home. If they don’t feel strongly one way or the other about a single level versus a multilevel home, they may wish to assess each residential property on its own merits. Possibly other features in the dwelling will outweigh this issue.

Another way to approach this subject involves the buyers imaging themselves living in the home over the course of several decades. By assessing how well the dwelling suits their needs in the future, prospective buyers often decide clearly in favor of a specific style of residential home design before they begin searching for real estate to purchase.

Excellent Homes

When the American Institute of Architects during 2015 selected the best residential designs of the year, the list included both multilevel and single story winners. Both floorplans hold value.

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