How to Properly Recycle an Old Computer

When your computer finally gives out on you, you should not just throw it away. You can leverage the old parts in that computer to help yourself and the community at large! Here are a few tips on how to properly recycle an old computer.

– Save your progress.

Your computer surely has very important information that you need to keep. Even if you do not remember everything that you place on your computer, you will likely remember it right after you put it to rest and cannot connect with it any more.

The first step that you should take is to take your entire hard drive and place it on a mobile USB drive for future reference.

– Destroy the hard drive.

You would be surprised how much information a malicious third party hacker can take from an old hard drive that is in the trash. You must be sure that the hard drive is completely destroyed physically before you throw away your computer. One of the most important aspects of destroying the hard drive is to uninstall all of the programs that keep a record of the PCs that they are on.

You may also need to download a disk eraser from the Internet in order to completely erase your disk. This has to do with a relatively unknown fact about memory. When you delete a file, it does not immediately delete the data from the hard drive. It simply makes it possible to overwrite that portion of the disk. If it is never overwritten, then the file remains on the hard drive even though you cannot see it in your Windows or Mac table of contents. Make sure that you completely erase your hard drive, not just move files around.

– Check the websites of manufacturers to recycle the other components of your computer.

The manufacturer of each computer type has resources on the website to create a positive experience to recycle that computer. However, you may still be able to get some value from it by selling it on a public auction service. Make sure that you get more value from it than the cost that you will incur for shipping and the discount that these sites will take from the sale.

If you are going to recycle your computer at a public location, make sure that you have a recycling center that can handle computers. This special type of recycling center will usually have a “display equipment, general WEEE” designation. Ask the employees there if this is the case at the center.

Make sure that you take full advantage of the resources that you have when you have them. Take the tips above and recycle your old computer in the best way.


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