How to Start a Recycling Program for Work

Recycling is something that benefits the environment, communities and businesses. It can cut costs in the long run. Starting up a new recycling program in a company is not always easy. Some people are resistant to the idea and do not want to change. The reality is that recycling does pay off over time. Here is how to start a recycling program at work.

Figure Out the Logistics First

The first step is to figure out the background logistics for a recycling program. You need to make a budget and secure funds for things like buying new containers and recyclable bags. You will also need to look into how the recycling will be picked up. Your business might have to pay for it if the service is not supplied for free by your municipality. Get all these details in place before starting.

Create a Recycling Team

The next step is to make a recycling team. You need a few people who will do things like answer questions, check the containers and generally help manage the recycling program. Choose people who are dedicated and who understand recycling. Additionally, choose people with flexible or complementary schedules so that someone can always be available in the workplace.

Put Recycling Containers Everywhere With Good Signage

Look around to get an idea about what type of waste if being generated. Get as many recycling containers as you can and put them all around the workplace. Each employee generates 5.6 pounds of recyclable waste every day on average. You need to have containers everywhere to make recycling as easy as possible for the workforce. Additionally, have clear signage on or around each container showing what recyclable material goes inside.

Train Employees How To Recycle

Briefly train employees at work about how to recycle. Do not assume everyone knows or will figure it out. You can give brief live trainings. You could also give a presentation to everyone at once. A more practical option is to create an email or handout that is distributed to everyone describing how the recycling program and containers work.

Start Encouraging Recycling

You now need to start encouraging recycling among employees. Have upper level management and team leaders talk about it. Lead by example and always recycle. You could even have contests or incentive programs to bring around people who might have been unwilling to participate. The increase in recycling to over 87 million tons a year from close to nothing in the US is because people were encouraged to start recycling by others.

Monitor What Happens and Make Modifications

The final step is to monitor what happens and make modifications to the program as necessary. This is what will have to be done as long as the program is active. Look around to make certain everything is working well. Request and listen to feedback from employees. Take initiative and replace worn containers, upgrade to new technologies and adjust the layout of recycling bins as necessary. This is what will ultimately ensure that your recycling program at work is a success.

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